rules of 29 CARD game

29 is one of the South Asian trick-winning games in which the J and 9 are the highest ranking cards in every suit and it is popular in northern parts of India. It is almost assured that they are descended from the European family of Jass games, which introduced in the Netherlands. Perhaps they brought to the Indian subcontinent from South Africa by Asians who had been determined by Afrikaans game of Klaverjas.

The Deal

The player to the right of dealer cuts the cards, the dealer deals 4 cards to each player in clockwise direction, one card at a time. After completion of the distribution of cards the player to the left of the dealer starts bidding.

Players & Deck

32 cards out of 52-card deck is used for play.

Number of players Deck of cards Number of cards dealt
4 Players 1 deck 4 cards each

Ranking of Cards

In 29 card game the ranking of cards from high to low is as follows.

Jacks 3 Points Each
Nines 2 Points Each
Aces 1 Point Each
Tens 1 Point Each
K, Q, 8, 7 0 Points
2, 3, 4, 5 Trump Card Indicators


When bidder announces trump card if any of the player has K and Q in his hand and wins that trick then he can show K and Q from his hand to all players. The result of this is to reduce or gain four points from predicted points. If the bidder has K and Q and wins the trick, 4 points are reduced to his predicted number of points. If others have K and Q four predicted points are added to the bidder.

Example of Royals - If A, B, C and D are playing game and A is the bidder with bidding point 19, D is his partner, B and C are partners. If B starts suit with and C does not have suit then he asks A to show trump card, if trump card is and C wins the trick then if C or B has Q and K then they can show to all and A and D together have to win 23 points (19+4) else they lose 1 point from total winning.

bidding process

Bidding Process

After seeing the cards player to the left of the dealer starts the bidding. Remaining players must bid high or say pass. This bidding process continues until 3 players pass. If first three players pass, the dealer leads the bidding automatically with 15 bids. Each bid is a number, minimum bid is 15 and maximum bid is 29.

Bidding Process Guide
Number of Rounds Number of Bids from each player
  A B C D
1 16 17 pass 18
2 19 20 - pass
3 21 22 - -
4 23 pass - -
5 23 - - -
Note - player A is the Bid Winner

The bid winner has a chance to choose a trump card from trump suit (2, 3, 4 and 5). But he can not show the trump suit to other players. Bid winner places trump suit card face down at bottom. After completing the selection of trump suit the dealer distributes another four cards to each player. Hence now every player has eight cards.

How to play 29 card game

Dealing (Compulsory)

The first dealer is selected at random. The player to the right of the dealer cuts the cards and distributes four cards to each player in clockwise direction one card at a time. The next dealer is always the winner of the previous round.

Bidding (Compulsory)

The player left to the dealer starts bidding. Each player begins the game by bidding his predicted number of points (between 15 to 29). The highest bidder can have the opportunity of choosing trump card.

Playing Each Trick

The player sitting left to the dealer leads the first trick always the trick winner leads the next trick. Always Players must follow the suit if possible. Since the trump suit is not disclosed at the commencement of the game, if any player is unable to follow, should ask the bidder to tell the trump suit, then bidder shows trump suit to every player, if bidder is unable to follow suit, he must disclose suit to all the players. Every trick wins by the highest trump in it. In each trick the highest rank card holder is the winner.

Example 1 - Winning suit with trump card (If is a trump card)

A K 2 Q here 2 is trick winner because always trump is the highest compared to other suits. If there are two trump cards in one trick the highest ranked trump wins the trick. A K 2 Q Here Q is trick winner.

Example 2 - Winning suit without trump card

5 8 A J In this trick there is no trump card so A wins the trick.

notes on Scoring

Players have completely played eight tricks then the counting of total points begins in the successfully completed tricks. The last trick winner gets one bonus point if the bidding side partnership at least reaches as they bid. If they reach, they win one game point otherwise they lose one game point. The score of the partnership of opposite players does not change.

If A, B, C, D is playing 29 game and they score as follows:

Score Sheet Guide
Number of Tricks Score
1 - (K, 7, Q, J) 3 - -
2 - (Q, 9, 8, K) 2 - -
3 - - - (J, Q, 9, K) 5
4 - - - (A, A, 8, Q) 2
5 - - (9, Q, K, J) 5 -
6 - - (9, A, 8, 7) 3 -
7 (10, A, 7, 8) 2 - - -
8 - (10, 7, J, Q) 4+1 - -
TOTAL 2 10 8 7
So here B is winner of this round.

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