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Payouts are issued quickly upon request through either payee cheque or an electronic bank transfer for the amount of your winnings.


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Enjoy an Ace Rummy experience with state of the art features and thousands of players. Play for free or with real money against up to six players per game. Play 13 or 21 card Indian Rummy online and face your opponents on 2D or 3D Rummy tables. No download required, no credit card required, no hassle required - sign up and get started in under a minute!

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Play to Win and turn your Rummy Skills into real Money Thrills! There are so many opportunities to win cash playing Indian Rummy as games and contests take place every few minutes and you can win prizes worth Lakhs. There are Cashback offers and regular Freeroll Tournaments, where you can play for free and win Real Cash!

Rummy is 100% Legal in India

Playing Rummy for cash is protected by Article 19[1](g) in the Indian Constitution. The Honorable Supreme Court of India declared in 1957 that Rummy is a game of skill and re-affirmed that position in 1968. In 1996 the Supreme Court of India stated that games where success depends on a significant amount of skill are not considered gambling.


Indian Rummy is usually played with 2 to 6 players. A single deck of 52 cards is used (54 if wild cards used). For more players, two decks are used. The dealer deals each player 13 cards face down. The next card is turned face up to form discard pile and the remaining cards are faced down, forming the stock pile. The players take turns to draw one card from either pile and put one card on the discard pile.

The primary objective is to complete a hand with all your cards melded or to put it another way, formed into Sets and/or Runs. A Run (sequence) is comprised of three or more cards bearing the same suit. A Set (group) is formed of three or four cards that are of identical rank and of different suits. A card can be used only once. In other words, you cannot use the same card in both a Run and a Set.

All the players take turns to draw one card and discard one card until one of them is able to meld all his cards. His hand must contain two sequences and when jokers are in play, at least one of those should be a pure (ie containing no wild cards) sequence. He signals victory or "declares" by discarding his final card face down and then making a show of his cards on the table. Now read the full rummy rules.


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Rummy has been a popular card game for card players in India for many decades. Indian Rummy is a very popular variant of Rummy card games for players to have fun and showcase their skills online.

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Our system employs measures to prevent collusion, fraud and uses a Certified RNG (Random Number Generator) to ensure card sequences are Unpredictable, Non-Repeatable and Uniformly Distributed.

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We believe that a game like Rummy should be enjoyed by players in a sensible and responsible way. To achieve this, we have placed limits on cash games so that you find Rummy Gaming pleasurable.